Conversions of the heart aims to share true stories of young adults experiencing Jesus Christ’s transformative love. These stories will inspire hope and through their relatable, engaging and inspiring witness will reach the heart of person’s who have yet to experience God’s unconditional love. Each story is unlike any other because each person is a unique child of God. And God has set every one of His children on a voyage to find and experience His divine love. Through the sea swells and the storms, to the beautiful sunsets and starry nights, these journeys of faith are rarely easy but always satisfying. 

The aspirational hope found in these stories will light a fire in people’s souls, providing a spark of desire to seek out this deeper meaning of life. And consequently, souls will begin to turn away from the old and restless ways which lead down the wide and easy path to destruction. St. Augustine is famously quoted saying “my soul is restless till it rests in thee.” We are living in a society that restlessly tries to fill the God shaped hole in our hearts with superficial and material means. Each of these stories testifies to the truth that has forever been embedded in our souls. The thirst our parched souls desire can only be quenched by God.

These stories will also provide insights into the beautiful, ongoing journey each Christian takes in finding their resting place in God’s loving embrace. St. Augustine is quoted in this beautiful testimony about falling in love with God: “To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; To seek him, the greatest adventure; To find him, the greatest human achievement.”

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