He Who Is To Come!

A poem, reflecting the wonders of  Jesus’ Nativity seems appropriate in honor of the Feast of the Holy Family, within the Octave of Christmas.

He Who Is To Come!

Praised be the new born king!

Joyful hymns my soul does sing,

within the manger, love I heard;

Jesus Christ, Eternal Word.

Humble handmaid, in awe she lay,

St. Joseph by her side did stay.

with child embraced so tenderly,

rested the Holy Family.

Frankincense, gold, and myrrh they lay,

before the King who came to save;

Not strong, nor mighty was the Pure One,

A humble servant did he come.

“Salvation is at hand” he cried,

St. John so zealous, yet he sighed;

The hardened hearts heard empty noise,

But Jesus Christ approached his voice.

Impure water become pure,

Upon the son of man did pour;

God the Holy Spirit spoke,

And the hardened heart awoke.

Praised be the Holy One,

Who for us sinners did come.

Praised be the new born King,

Joyful hymns my soul does sing.


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