Poem: Divine Conqueror

The desert was before him,

And the Spirit drew him in.

Surrounded by still silence,

Jesus, without blemish without sin.


Evil lurked around Him,

Tempter of tempters ruled the earth,

Our Pure and sinless Jesus,

Gazing heavenward, knew his worth.


Stepping forth in victory,

The Father by him stood.

Prepared to bring salvation,

As was promised he would.


With palms at hand, we greet him,

With hardened hearts we sought him,

In jubilation received him,

With mangled thorns we crowned him.


Yet, in remembrance he broke bread,

Drank wine with his apostles

Breathe life into the sacraments

Now called priests who were disciples.


In the stillness of the night

He led them to the garden

Pleading their prayers with tender love

Their response he pardoned.


The kiss of death was given him,

Received in resignation,

For the time had come, the hour here

Jesus, my hearts Salvation. 


Upon his shoulder lay the cross

Eyes lifted high to heaven.

Dear Father, your will be done,

I freely chose this burden.


Torn and mangled, flesh exposed.

Lifted on the cross he rose.

Beloved John in woe drew near,

As Jesus entrusted his mother dear.


“It is finished” the son has spoken,

The Father gazed at child,

Embracing him with mercy,

He who was tortured and reviled.


In stillness all was silent

The promise seemed no more.

O my Lord why have you gone,

We question as we mourn.


Suddenly the light shined forth

Arise my Holy One,

The Father in the Spirit,

Now United with His Son.


Risen and triumphant,

From the depths of earths dark vale,

Our purest sacrifice,

Has conquered and prevailed.







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