A Moment Of Peace


“Idle comfort dips into treacherous waters.

When the faculties are at rest and the soul is at peace;

When the body is at ease and emotions find equipoise.

When lack of anxiety, worry, or pain, finds its home;

when there is no constraint.

When the psyche finds it’s calm;

The physical basks in strength;

Tameness possesses the emotions  . . .

The saint or the sinner is Found

Choice is complaisant.

Impulse is serene.

The simplicity of breath

Releases the bonds of preoccupation;

Thus, contemplation of possible fillers.

The saint or the sinner is released.

A moment of peace is a moment of truth.

Virtue or vice, Grace or sin?

Idle comfort dips into treacherous waters.

The saint or the sinner comes forth.” – Noemy Banuelos


Simply put, when we find that our life is good and all is as it should be, we can forget to lift our hearts to heaven and thank God for the temporal gift of peace. We can respond, during these times, in two ways.

We can either praise God’s grace and use our peace selflessly to comfort others with charity or we can selfishly enter into the temptation of seeking more satisfaction whether it be pleasing to God or not in order to retain that peace that is presently enjoyed. Idle comfort can be dangerous as it was for King David but if that comfort steps into the pure waters of grace it can be transformed into a consolation of sweet delight, one that elevates the soul beyond the natural realm.

Which will it be?

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