Perfect Love

I was recently reading a book called In the Face of Darkness, by Sister Timothy Marie Kennedy, O.C.D. and I reached Chapter 6 where I read this quote, “between Jesus and the soul there flows a current that no one sees and a dialogue that no one hears.” Then I thought, if no one sees the current that flows between you and Jesus what good is it? There must be a more productive reason for this dialogue to be happening than simply being an invisible current.

“Between Jesus and the soul there flows a current that no one sees and a dialogue that no one hears.”– Mother Luisita

And of course, we find that there is a greater purpose! God has a reason for everything and the reason for this flow of current and invisible dialogue can be found in something called, “perfect charity”. This idea originally comes from scripture, it can be found, among other passages, in Matthew 5:48 “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” But how can we imitate His perfection if we don’t know what it looks like? Ah! Exactly. . .What if, just what if, that current of dialogue we mentioned earlier was a piece of the puzzle? what if the purpose for this dialogue was for the sake of a greater revelation of perfection?

Jesus wants to love the soul and he does just that, if the soul is open to receive him. It is wonderful to have a sweet current of dialogue with Jesus, to sit in solitude away from the whole world and gaze at him as he gazes at you, in silence. To experience him in the Eucharist and feel the tingle of delight as you join him in love. You are building a relationship, this is good. But the reason he desires to enter the soul so badly is twofold.

Love: His mission is you! Jesus wants to prepare you with a transforming love that penetrates your very being and this takes place in the most intimate recesses of your heart, it is a private matter between the lover and the beloved. No one should be invited into this meeting between you and Jesus, its only you and Him. Tell everyone else to bud out. Until. . .

Eventually, you will come to realize what Jesus was preparing your heart to grasp all along, with a nudge from grace of course. The intimacy that he allows you to delight in is for the sake of your becoming familiar with his LOVE. He wants you (us) to grasp the meaning of love and the only way to do that is by entering into this school of love with him, and every time you freely engage in this inner dialogue the closer you come to understand what exactly he wants you to do with the relationship you are building with him.

The moment you realize that Love is meant to lead you to desire the good of the other, is the moment when this inner dialogue you held so dear suddenly becomes for the other. It is no longer only you and Jesus but, in its maturity, it becomes you, Jesus, and your neighbor. This relationship moves into an even more intimate and complete expression, it moves into an expression of perfect love.

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