Holy Peace

“Holy peace consists in a union with God’s will, of such a kind that no dissension arises between the will of God and the soul, but they are both one — not in words or in desires alone but in works.” St. Teresa

We desire peace as much as, if not more than, we desire happiness in life. You may not believe this to be true but it is. I do not want to downplay the importance of genuine happiness because it does in fact bring a sense of fulfillment and this is why, when we make personal decisions, if we think that they will not lead to the level of happiness we hope for we quickly sketch a new plan for ourselves. And while certain things or friendships or statuses in our lives bring a new-found sense of happiness, once we’ve acquired those things, do they forever quench our thirst? Or do we in time set out for a new experience of fulfillment? 

Peace is different. Peace is much more than just a passing state of tranquility or a sense of stability in life. The peace I speak of is so much more. It is a deep-rooted reassurance and confidence that you are living the life intended for you. It is a sigh of relief at knowing that you are doing what is most fulfilling for you personally. Because what is most fulfilling for you is to do the will of God. But the specific way you do it is 100% unique to the person that you are, not to the person that others think you should be but to the person God created you to be. And when you come to a place where you see that being lived out, then the weight of unfulfillment is lifted and with this new-found peace, you find that greater happiness, the happiness that no one can take away and no one or nothing can truly fulfill. 

What is the will of God? It is to love you with perfect love and to love others through you in an unrepeatable way. And the more we conform our lives to that will, the more we can love others with the love of God. And the more we do that the more we find peace, therefore obtaining true happiness.

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