The Seed

how_to_grow_an_avocado_tree_4.jpgBefore you can bear fruit and in order to take root, you must first be broken
“He who abides in me, and  I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing” John 15

There it rests, lifted by the pillars of Divine Providence. It sits in still waters. Unable to see signs of growth it trusts in the unseen steady nourishment it is receiving as its roots begin to take shape, slowly, and still. At first glance a mere lifeless part of creation, but at its core the fruit of beauty and goodness. In suspense of the sun, his rays of warmth and glory, it waits. The blinding rays are anticipated, desired. As if peering through natures veil they rise; silently displaying their power and magnanimity.

A tear, a break, a piercing fissure appears unannounced, undesired. why? The smooth surface now broken, torn. This pain of one who withers seems contrary to the life it was created to bear. The feeling of expiration expresses a walk into newness. Through it all, the rays remain, their shine suspended over the enduring seed.

Despite this whirl of events, the pillars hold firm. The seed trusts the sun’s work knowing that only goodness can come from it. It has witnessed other seeds sprout up, to its right and to its left, and bear much fruit. Confidence assures it that it too will do the same. Still, it remains uncertain as to why it was chosen among all other seeds. Chosen to grow in the stillness of THESE waters, slowly being nourished before its root can be firmly planted on solid ground.

After the pains of trial and uncertainty, of unseen hope and steady trust, from the core of its brokenness is seen a small branch, a beautiful pulse of joy reaching out to grasp the warmth of the sun. It gleams with Joy at the sight of its fruit and gazes in amazement at the Sun. It was the sun who bore this fruit, the seed acknowledges its cooperation; patient, trustful with hope and still silence. But praises the Sun for his completion. Ready to be planted in rich soil, to be firmly founded and grounded in the garden of beauty, in solid ground; it rests. But never will it forget the time of formative transformation it underwent in those still and trustful yet unsteady waters where the sun came upon it and breathed in life. How sweet the rewards of enduring love.

It first had to endure with perseverance before it could count its roots. It first had to be broken before it could see its fruit. It may never see the fullness of its blossom or the immensity of its shade cast down upon those who come to rest in it but it will fully realize the joy of living in the presence of the Sun who sustained it.

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