Familiar Gaze


True Story!

It seems right for me to muse about a friend I met a few years ago. I first heard about her through a mutual friend and from what I could gather she was a very quiet and simple person; absorbed in her daily duties. Her parents loved her and those who spoke of her only said nice things about her. She received much praise which made me curious to know what it was about her that people loved. So I decided to go and meet her myself. It took me some time to finally come to her and by then I had received a bit more information about her, she was a mother and a wife.

“I don’t know her parents very well” I thought to myself, ” I rather ask her husband about her instead.”

His name was Joseph and he was very nice, he was trusting. I learned that his wife’s name was Maria but the day I went to meet her I wasn’t able to stay, so I promised to come back earlier the next day. When I returned the next day, I didn’t find her at the door instead her Son opened the door and invited me in. He really was a gentleman in every sense of the word. I was impressed and immediately drawn to His kindness. The day was young and the sun was beaming so I asked if I could wait for her outside in the breeze. He said:

“Sure, I’ll join you”

We went to sit outside and He began to share His story. Joseph, the loving man who welcomed me the first day, was actually his adopted father.

“I was an unexpected gift from God for Maria. As much as she loved me, she knew she could not raise Me on her own.”

“She did not get mad at God for giving Me to her,” He continued, “she simply praised Him and said ‘Yes, be it done, Lord.’ Joseph, although a little skeptical of entering into the picture, stepped up and the three of us became a family.”

As He continued to describe His mother, I couldn’t help but marvel at Him. I knew immediately that He was someone special. He was like none other, He was set apart from everyone else, and He choose to pause for me! to wait with me! That felt very nice. The way He spoke about His mother was so tender and loving, He respected her and treated her like a queen. He was so invested in her life and was not afraid of being vulnerable with me in showing that. I forgot that I had been waiting for Maria, and was engrossed in every Word He spoke. He looked into my eyes and I felt as if He was looking into my soul. I didn’t know what to do except take in the moment.

“My mother, is really a sight to behold, I promised her that whoever she loved, I would love. Whoever she received, I too would receive, and whoever came to me I would give to her maternal care, because I know the gift that she is and I would hate to keep her to myself. ” He continued, “when you meet her you will know what I’m talking about.”

At that very moment, Maria walked up to the porch glowing with joy at the sight of her Son. She walked up to us and embraced Him first. He stepped aside and introduces me by name, she turned to me and for a moment the world stopped. Her eyes caught my eyes and she looked at me with familiar affection, I was not a stranger to her, I did not know her but some how I felt she knew me. The gaze of affection was eternal, at least it seemed that way. My heart melted and I wanted to cry, but didn’t know why, this woman was a stranger but her love for me felt like that of a mother. In this warmth I approached her trustingly and embraced her. Her Son had since gone back inside and left the two of us standing there, by now the sun had begun to set. She invited me to sit and enjoy what was left of the sunset.

“Your Son was just telling me about you . . .”

Instead of continuing the story of her life she shifted the conversation and began to ask about me. As much as she was a stranger I did not feel the least discomfort in opening my heart to her. We talked for hours and not once did she take her eyes off of me. She shared many things with me. She asked that I continue to visit, to go to her home and she would continue to meet with me. I leaped for joy at the invitation and asked if I would have an opportunity to speak with her Son too, she reiterated the Words He had spoken to me just earlier:

“whoever I love, He too will love. Whoever I receive, He too will receive.” she said, “He would love to have you here more than you know, trust me.”

And almost on cue we both stood up. The sun had already gone down and we were both left in the shadow of the night. I was not afraid, because I felt as if I knew this family my whole life. It hurt me to have to leave but I knew that I would see them again. Some how I knew that I would always have them with me. My heart was filled that day and my joy was satisfied. Her Son was a keeper, I knew He would become a part of my life forever, I kind of loved Him. Joseph, was a humble man and he made me feel safe, and Maria . . . she was a woman who I knew would teach me how to be a woman, she would teach me how to embrace and use the gifts God had given me and more importantly she would teach me how to love her Son. I went home that day filled to the brim with love in my heart. The walk home was as blissful as the morning dew.


3 thoughts on “Familiar Gaze

  1. I love that story about the Holy Family 🙂 it reminds me of a reflection upon a Spiritual Exercises reading on the Holy Family… how someone would imagine the way they may have met them in person. 😀 It’s a sweet introduction to getting to know the Blessed Mother personally as the Mother of our Savior. 🙂


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